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X-Men: Wonder Woman by Verde13 X-Men: Wonder Woman by Verde13
Blasphemer! I had an idea the other day. What if some of the D.C characters crossed over to the marvel side and worked on the x-men, or were given a marvel background. I have a few ideas flowing but the one I drew was Wonder Woman. I redesigned her costume. I also thought her Tiara and gauntlets could be made of adamantium, because the old ones were destroyed...or something.

Her lasso of truth could be something like a pyschic lasso. Like how Psylocke had a psychic knife. In the D.C comics the lasso was said to be telepathically connected and when she threw it, it would go where she wanted. and it was unbreakable. I also thought since she has her invisible jet in the D.C comics, that she could drive the X-jet. It was fun thinking of this idea, I might do more characters.
lady-mermaid Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014
There was this Marvel/DC crossover, oh god.... years ago. Marvel characters were in the DC universe. These are the two I remember most. Storm ended up on Themyscara (no idea if that's spelled right)  and became Amazon. And the Scarlett Witch was fused with Zatanna to become the White Witch. Anyway I like your concept. There needs to be another crossover sometime soon.
AesirBlade Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2014
You're thinking of Amalgam Comics, which happened right after DC and Marvel crossed over and fought each other. That was awesome. Also it gave my favorite character fusion of all time, Darkclaw.
grnlntrn78 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2013
If you haven't, do some more!!
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